Release History

1.0.0 2009-05-30 The first stable version
0.5.0 2007-05-01 The second release with development status: Beta
0.4.0 2007-03-04 This is the first release with development status: Beta
0.3.0 2007-01-08 The third release
0.2.0 2006-11-06 The second release
0.1.0 2006-10-15 The first version 0.1.0

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Release 1.0.0 - 2009-05-30

fix Bug in compare (Bug: 1722101, thanks Avihai). lm
fix Deserialization of JSON object breaks on array of bytes. (Bug: 1728214, thanks P. Wolny). lm
fix Invalid JSON serialization of empty string (Bug: 1744253 and 1958512, thanks P. Wolny). lm
fix ReflectionMethodHelper should support "is" getters (Bug: 1828028, thanks D. Carrillo). lm
fix JSON serialize don't work by Map (String,Object). (Bug: 1755893, thanks boci). lm
fix Incorrectly escapized backslash. (Bug: 1769131, thanks T. Zalusky). lm
fix Add additional Java date format (i.e. EST timezone). (Bug: 2164723, thanks T. Hein). lm
fix Support for Beans with properties with type (Bug: 2164752, thanks T. Hein). lm
fix CsvParser throws exception when parsing certain data. (Bug: 1793604, thanks Ryan (rptsang)). lm
fix Using the field "class" to represent the java class name breaks IE since class is a special word. (Bug: 1784930, thanks amccarri). lm
fix Multiple references to same bean from another bean. (Bug: 2759772, thanks gokturk3). lm
fix Support for Beans with properties with type Object. (Bug: 2477567). lm
fix NPE in ConversionIterator. This exception appaer, when the object is not null, but the toString method get null. (Bug: 2786172). lm
add Convert Objects per fields, not methods. In some case it is better, the converter used the attributes per fields and not per method. This is better, if not exist for every body attribute a setter method. (Feature: 2786181). lm

Release 0.5.0 - 2007-05-01

fix Can't create a new instance of StackTraceElement in Java 5 (Bug: 1678348). lm
fix Classloaders issue: In muliple classloaders environment (like application container) it would be nice if Sojo could be loaded by parent classloader of classloader of the application. Solution: Replacing Class.forName(className) with Class.forName(className, true, Thread.currentThread().getContextClassloader()). (Bug: 1686733, thanks B. Hunt). lm
fix Deserialization of JSON object breaks on valid unicode char. (Bug: 1686652, thanks B. Hunt). lm
fix Deserialization of JSON object breaks on Timestamp. (Bug: 1688969, thanks B. Hunt). lm
fix Methods: equals and compare are breaking. (Bug: 1692340). lm
fix JsonSerializer not Thread Safe. JsonSerializer.deserialize cannot be used in a Thread safe way, since the method delegates calls to satic parser JsonParserGenerate. A better way would be to generate the JsonParserGenerate with STATIC=false and use one Parser per JsonSerializer. (Bug: 1694100, thanks T. Huhtanen). lm
fix Repeated call of JSONSerializer with different value. (Bug: 1705249, thanks T. Nagy). lm
add Sort List, Set, Map and Array there contains JavaBeans. (Feature Request: 1673100) lm
add Support for filtering by equals, hashCode and compare. (Feature Request: 1692337) lm
add Support for regexp by filtering. (Feature Request: 1706577) lm

Release 0.4.0 - 2007-03-04

fix Inconsistences return types between Xml and Json Serializer: the return type from XmlRpcSerializer.deserialize is a list that contain a desterilized Object as first element but this is not the same in JsonSerializer.deserialize , as this method return the desterilized Object directly not in a List (Bug: 1633051). lm
fix XmlRpcSerializer is not thread safe in version 0.3. In version 0.2 of sojo the XmlRpcSerializer was a thread safe but in 0.3 this isn't true. The XmlRpcSerializer was changed, because so that is uniform to the other Serializer (JsonSerializer for example) (Bug: 1632206). lm
fix By the org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler class in the characters-method can be data lose. The reason is to call this callback-method more than one times for more performance from the SAXParser. This is the case by the xerces implementation (org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl). This can be a promlem by big XML-files. (Bug: 1664621). lm
add CSV data interchange (Feature Request: 1639781) lm
add Calculate over all values the ha shCode. This is the complement to the ObjectUtil.equals - Method. (Feature Request: 1671151) lm
add CompareTo method for all objects (JavaBeans too) (Feature Request: 1671946) lm
add Extend Serializer method deserialize: The Serializer get a second deserialize method with an additional parameter: public abstract Object deserialize(Object pvSourceObject, Class pvRootClass); So can deserialize Objects, where in the serialize isen't the class information. (Feature Request: 1656910) lm
add Create ThrowableConverterInterceptor: Can add a ThrowableConverterInterceptor to the Converter. This interceptor transform a Exception to a ThrowableWrapper. The benefit of this Conversion is, that can wrap a Throwable instance and can do an StackTrace or show the ExceptionMessage without a knowledge of the original ExceptionClass. For example, the server thrown a 'HibernateException' and the client don't know the hibernate library. In the StackTrace you can see the StackTrace of the server. (Feature Request: 1662346) lm
add Add parameter to type by ConverterInterceptor (beforeConvert / afterConvert). This is more flexible to define the to class type. (Feature Request: 1662347) lm
add Set desired date format:CURRENT serialized with JSON: {"dob":"Tue Feb 20 10:25:19 EST 2007","id":10} DESIRED serialized form: {"dob":"02/20/2007","id":10} (Feature Request: 1664604, thanks J. Saremi) lm

Release 0.3.0 - 2007-01-08

fix Can't call twice time the method ObjectUtil.makeSimple. By the second call is the result the same, how call of method ObjectUtil.makeComplex (Bug: 1622475). lm
fix The result-Maps of ReflectionMethodHelper are modifiable (e.g. getAllGetterMethod). This is critical, because this Map's are static. If one instance this map change, work all instances with this changed map. (Bug: 1621357) lm
fix JsonSerializer serialize Map with no String key not correct. This mean, the key was ignored (Bug: 1615199). lm
fix JsonSerializer don't wrapped in double quotes and using backslash escapes (Bug: 1616053, thanks T. Nagy). lm
add Filter for properties. Not all properties of a class want to include by converting objects. Especial by interchange data are not all data (properties) relevant. With a filter can select the (transient) properties, that are filtered by serialize objects (Feature Request: 1612707, thanks G. Greg). lm
add Refactor package and class-names (remove common loggings library and replace with net.sf.sojo.core.NonCriticalExceptionHandler) (Feature Request: 1615202). lm
add Remove all dependencies to external libraries (Feature Request: 1625003) lm

Release 0.2.0 - 2006-11-06

fix Conversions don't detect cycels by Collections and Maps. This problem is occurrence, if Collections/Maps are nested in a other Collections/Maps. (Bug: 1589317) lm
fix Only the call in the constructor CommonObjectUtil (true/false) is effected. (Bug: 1580303) lm
add Support for interchange format JSON. (Feature Request: 1580533) lm
add Support for interchange format XML-RPC. (Feature Request: 1583118) lm

Release 0.1.0 - 2006-10-15

add serialize/deserialize complex object graph (Feature Requests: 1576716). lm
add easy navigate on the complex object graph (Feature Requests: 1576711). lm
add compare complex object graph (Feature Requests: 1576709). lm
add copy or clone complex object graph (Feature Requests: 1576708). lm